Vibration Healing Therapy Card made with quantum technology & galactic vibration
Unique Essential Oil Essences & Aura, Chakra & Space Clearing Sprays made with galactic vibration
Affiliate Program & Vibration Therapy Card Co-branded Platform available

Our Services

  • Vibration Healing Therapy Card co-brandi

    You can co-brand your own logo & details on the therapy card. You can sell to your own clients under…

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  • Affiliate Program

    Affiliate Program

    Users have their URL ID to give to clients & take advantage of earnings. Affiliates earn 20 euros per card.

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  • Teaching / Practitioner Course

    Teaching / Practitioner Course

    Learn how to give DNA Activations & Jseals/Implant removal to your clients.

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  • Candles


    A unique blend of essential oils made with galactic vibration in a candle.

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  • Aura, Chakra, Crystal & Space Clearing Spray

    Aura, Chakra, Crystal & Space Clear

    A unique blend of essential oils and aura soma made with galactic vibration.

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  • Essential Oil Essences

    A unique blend of essential oils made with galactic vibration.

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  • Jseals/Implant Removal

    Jseals/Implant Removal

    These seals/implants block the ability to communicate with your Higher self & the natural activation of the 4th DNA strand.…

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  • DNA Activations

    DNA Activations

    DNA Activations help restore your DNA strand’s original divine blueprint, highest frequency holding potential & expand your consciousness.

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  • Vibration Healing Therapy Card

    Vibration Healing Therapy Card

    Made with quantum technology, this device assists with clarity of perception, normalization of bodily systems, strengthens immune system, eliminates loss…

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