Compassionate Release




Meredith Pavlidis performs Compassionate Release via private session.

Compassionate Release is a healing modality taught to Meredith by Eliza White Buffalo through the Two Roads Foundation. Eliza received it in 2014 by Saint Padre Pio. Having reached the required frequency of her soul, Meredith practices Compassionate Release directly with you, whilst Padre holds her in communion with the Christ/Celestial White Light.

Compassionate Release is a means of connecting Meredith's life force with that of the world, or the sitter, and in doing so she breathes the world in, allows it to pass through her celestial energy, and breathes in out again restored to its divine frequency. Padre calls this 'a state of grace'.... To remain in a state of grace requires self love - to receive compassion through this beautiful way is as many describe as receiving a wash of divine love. This washes throughout your energy field clearing the hurt, washing the wounds of your Christ self, so that you are restored to a state of grace.

All that Padre asks is for you to say yes to this, to him, and to Meredith's pure intentions of being the instrument through which the remembrance of your own Christ Energy flowing through you and this divine communion takes place.

The process takes only a few minutes. There is no separation between Meredith and you, between Padre and you. You ARE the Divine Christ Child - believe and receive.

The service is given with an open and loving heart, for the healing of the world, as it is through you that this is possible.

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