Golden Star Christ Activation




This Golden Star Christ Activation procedure will activate your 3rd chakra all the way to the 7th chakra. During a series of activations set forth during the procedure, the activation will re-strand your DNA and add more strands to that DNA. The activations unlock inner doors so you can open them on your own. They are keys to open the 5 chakras located above your head. These activations will merge your chakras together and create a unified chakra, rather than having several independent chakras working on their own.

This activation opens door ways to divine and unified consciousness so we can access the connection to our higher self more easily. During the process you will be activated to the 12th golden ray, the highest energetic grid matrix on planet earth and our entire galaxy.


  • Manifest cellular change from the higher divine consciousness.
  • Receive 4 attunements within this activation
  • An activation turns the 'switch' and accelerates the process of awakening.
  • The activations tell the body that it wants to be returned to the original divine blueprint.
  • Consciousness expands the DNA not the other way around. So the more we expand our consciousness, the more our DNA expands too.
  • The process of degradation of our bodies can easily be REVERSED through an activation and we can once again re-claim complete health and well-being that we may never have felt before.
  • Once receiving this activation, we may never get sick again because it is not the physical body that gets sick, it is the diseased mind. Once the diseased mind is healed, the physical body automatically feels the transfer of complete health and REVERSES the condition to complete restoration of where the mind is. Without the mind, the physical body would never be sick in the first place.

After an activation, the spirit, mind and body begin to place the 'divine mission' first and foremost as priority. All levels begin to purify and detox as quickly as it can because the desire to move into the divine presence and reach the 'one with Mother/Father/God' intention is the realization of returning HOME without leaving our physical bodies behind. We forget through the veil and through the scripting of social programming that our physical bodies are our temples of divine presence.

The cells of our physical bodies AWAKEN after an activation and begin to communicate with our DNA. That is why we experience ascension symptoms because as we continue to ascend (rise up) in vibration and become lighter - more and more purifies within our bodies and we move deeper within and up towards the divine. This is WHO we are and this activational process assists to boost up the immune system and communicate to let all of the baggage go.

The baggage is all of the thought forms that no longer have our best interest at heart. This includes the false belief systems of what we should or should not do. These processes assist us in moving deeper and deeper within to reclaim out true divine selves and we stop listening to the external world.

We move away from duality and embrace the love that flows from our hearts and we know that we deserve even more. These activations open us up all the way to the divine presence so that we can begin to take our power back through self-empowerments and re-claim the LOVE that we deserve to have.

Certificate issued.

One session time: 30 minutes

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