144 Strand DNA Activation Practitioner Training Course



The 144 Strand DNA Activation is a pure love vibration channeled from Source energy and brought to the Earth at this time as a DNA Activation tool for the new Divine Human Template. This transformative tool is a vital step in the human ascension process. As the human shifts in energy along with Mother Earth, new chakra systems are being formed within the human body in order to accommodate this new energy flow. Even those who have already begun their ascension process will find a more rapid and complete transition upon receiving the 144 Strand DNA Activation.


144 strand DNA activation
Clears energetic blockages
Balances the current chakra system
Facilitates the transition to the new chakra patterns
Connects you to the new Mother Earth grid
Balancing of the Divine Feminine/Masculine energies
Receive a new High Dimensional personal ascension guide
Receive and hold more Light in your physical body
Increased self-love and self-trust
Release old patterns and limiting beliefs
More easily access sacred knowledge within oneself
Aligns you to your spiritual path for this life time
Greater awareness and expanded consciousness
Creates a stronger immune system
Develop your intuitive abilities
Increased vitality and desire for healthy foods
Unlocks new spiritual talents and abilities

The 144 Strand DNA Activation creates a pure state of being. Once activated, one will more easily find their direct, conscious connection with Divine Source and other high level Light Beings.

The 144 Strand DNA Activation is performed long distance at a specific time when the recipient will simply lay down and relax. The activation process itself will take about 20 minutes. Allow at least an extra hour after the activation to allow yourself to just "be" as the 144 Strand DNA Activation energy is powerful. Most people report simultaneously being very "grounded" and "off in the ethers" as well as experiencing extreme calm, relaxation and feeling very loved. It is not uncommon for those who have been activated to actually appear pleasantly "stoned" for a couple of hours, so driving a car or other similar activity is not recommended.

Why would I want to activate my DNA?
DNA is often referred to as your "blueprint of life." It is the thing which controls every single function inside each of your cells. Activating dormant, and so called "junk" DNA, as well as etheric and multi-dimensional strands of DNA can actually change your life experience. Simply put, DNA activation of this sort can quicken your evolutionary process, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The 144 Strand DNA Activation enables you to more fully expand your creative, physical and spiritual potential. Among other things, a 144 strand DNA activation can give you the tools to access your subconscious mind, connect with and develop your intuitive abilities and Gifts of Spirit.

I have never had a DNA activation before. Is it ok to go directly to the 144 strand DNA activation?
Yes. There is no problem with activating from the current 2 strands to the full 144 strands.

Do I need to be activated more than once?
Generally, no. Once you are activated via the 144 Strand DNA Activation the process will continue to expand to the level of DNA which is currently available to humans on the Earth. At this time, we are capable of activating to 144 strands.

May I be activated more than once if I wish?
Yes. There is no harm in re-activation if one wishes. While in theory, all you need is one activation, there can be instances where a person may find themselves in prolonged situations where they are exposed to things such as elevated radiation levels which can have a negative effect upon the DNA. These people may wish to re-activate if they feel guided to do so, but this is usually not necessary.

What will I feel during the DNA Activation?
Everyone is different and your experience will in part depend on how sensitive you are to energy. Most people feel the activation very strongly as it is happening. There may be tingling, warmth or a host of other sensations, some people even receive visions. It is also possible for people to experience a spontaneous physical or emotional healing at the time of the activation. There will be numerous changes in the next few days, weeks and months as the body continues to expand its energy centers and integrate even greater levels of light. It is also possible that your physical body will undergo a “cleansing” or “detox” (slight feelings of tiredness, headache, emotional releasing, etc...) as long-buried issues rise to the surface to be released once and for all.

Certificate issued.
I personally work on you for 30 minutes as a DNA facilitator.

A practitioner training course is also available if you wish to learn how to perform this DNA Activation on others.

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