Plasma Light Healing Session




Plasma Light Healing Session

The ‘Plasma Codes of Source’ are now available to you. These codes are high energy particles of light, with no resistance whatsoever. This in effect means, that nothing from any dimensional realm, can withstand the effect of this Light. All must surrender to its brilliance. The neutron particles within the Sun, must also give way to this Light. The Whole of Creation will surrender and form allegiance with the ‘Plasma Light.’ All laws can and will be revoked by this Light. All atomic and subatomic matter, will be changed and transformed by the light. This is the pure Light of ‘Source’, it is its Essence.

This healing uses specific codes. The codes will trigger powerful changes within the individual, at the atomic and subatomic level. Eventually it will become a Paradigm, a way of Being for All.

“As a rule, we have an atomic, genetic, and karmic memory, and we access this memory normally by what we identify with. If we develop a Cosmic Identity, we will have access to limitless information, and potential…” (Sadhguru).. However if we use the Plasma Light, this bypasses the need to develop a cosmic identity, at the individual level, and grants us direct access to the Divine Intelligence of ‘Source’, which does not operate from memory, and is therefore boundless…

The imprinting of these codes into your energy matrix, will return the matrix to its Essential Form. This is beyond the blueprint form, or template of Being. It is the starting point for All Life, the emergence of the Divine. In this state, it is impossible to suffer illnesses, or disease of any kind. Nothing can withstand this Light. All must return to Essence.

Certificate issued if needed.
I personally work on you for 30 minutes as a healing facilitator, via long distance.

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