Shamanic Stones: eagle, flicker, snake, turtle, beaver, bear, goose, jaguar




Shamanic Stones: eagle, flicker, snake, turtle, beaver, bear, goose, jaguar

Power animals have long been an important element of Shamanism. Following the faith’s basic principle that everything is alive and carries a distinct amount of wisdom and power with it wherever it goes, animals play an essential role in a Shaman’s life. The animals are truly believed to be a help and healer to anyone who seeks them out, and are considered to be a major path toward spiritual and emotional success.

Bear Medicine:

Introspection and Solitude
Healing…wisdom and change
Communication with Spirit
Death…rebirth and Transformation
Creature of dreams…Shamans and Mystics
Visionaries and astral travel
Defending…maintaining and holding in consciousness one’s dreams
Creations and New Realities through extreme Life changes

Beaver Medicine:

Maintaining the ability to be productive in all ways of Life
Unlimiting your options…staying open and flexible
Being persistent and tenacious…as a Master builder of all things
Using available resources and alternate ways of doing tasks and Being
Understanding the unique dynamics of group co-creation

Eagle Medicine:

Understanding the cycles of the Sun
All aspects of clear vision while seeing into other worlds
A Solar Bird and Spiritual Power through Illumination
Courage…Wisdom and Strength within the World of Spirit
Creation through higher states of awareness
Moving quickly through the Mental…Spiritual and emotional realms
Highly intuitive and creative Spirit…Vision from the highest places
Respect for the boundaries of the regions of Self and others
A strong and Powerful foundation for a newly expanding consciousness
Taking intensive responsibility for own creations
Remaining connected and balanced in Earth world with Spirit

Goose Medicine:

Movement along one’s Soul path…journeying into new adventures
Power of community…cooperation…communication
Assisting others through illness…dedication…fertility
Happiness…compassion…caring…fidelity and loving
Synergy of working in group to accomplish what one cannot do alone
Often linked with the Winter Solstice
Honoring the cyclical nature of our lives
Comfort in our own rhythms which leads to balance and harmony
Verbal communication and the Power of the written word
The journey of the great quest for Freedom
Team work in Spirit through physical creation and manifestation

Jaguar Medicine:

Solitary path of reclaiming your own Power
Reaping the harvest and recovery of your own labors
Powerful…intense and challenging
Grace and wholeness…Unhesitated springing into action
Radical Power of an unwavering perseverance and determination
Discretion…strength of Heart and Mind working together in harmony
Travelers into the deepest realms of Ancient Power
Limitless potential and Clairaudience
Fulfill goals/dreams through pliability and steadfastness
Go within to release our fears…heal our emotions…trust our inner sight/intuition
Guide to the realms of the subconscious…secrets of life and Creation are found

Snake Medicine:

Deepest Mysteries of Life…extreme Psychic energy
Shedding illusions…limitations and outgrown beliefs…habits
Creation…fertility…transformation and healing
Earth Mother and inner vision assist in seeing into the Hearts of others
Aliveness expressed through sensuality…healing on a deep cellular level
Metamorphosis into a new Being of Love and Light
Vitality…ambition…dreams and intellect
Wisdom…understanding and wholeness into integrity
Creation with primitive/elemental energy of the Divine Feminine
Shamanic Initiation into Cosmic consciousness
Ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance
Often cold with lower body temperatures…need very little food for energy
Sense vibrations in the body that travel through the Earth
Swift radical changes sweep through Life
Death of the old and rebirth into untapped Power…eternity
Guardian of sacred places and keeper of concealed knowledge

Turtle/Tortoise Medicine:

Symbol of the ancient Earth and a new connection with the center
Associated with the primal Feminine creation energies
Power to heal female dis-eases and trauma
Respecting the boundaries of others while maintaining own with Heart
Developing new ideas and patience
Psychically protecting oneself through non-violent defense of the Heart
Self-reliance…tenacity and good navigation skills
Path of Peace with determination and persistence
Emotional strength and understanding
Effortlessly attracting good things in Life with Ancient wisdom
Native tuning into the elementals…land…plants…people and animals

Woodpecker/Flicker Medicine:

Connection to the Earth and the Earth’s drummers
Ability to find hidden layers of deception which lead to Truth
Understands rhythms…cycles and patterns in Life
Warnings and knowings through radical Self change
Associated with thunder…elementals and Shamanic drumming
Reaching a new vibration/rhythm in Life…following the beat of a new drum
Living in the New Earth through the Heart…in full consciousness
New Beginnings…new starts in Life

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