Soul Star Chakra Bath Salts



Chakra Series; Soul Star Chakra Bath Salts: A unique alchemy blend of essential oil essences combined with dead sea salts and made with galactic vibration. 200ml.

Directions of use: Take a pinch of bath salts and place in a tub of water. Can also be used during showering in the bottom of a tub or shower.

The Soul Star Chakra (Vyapini) located a few inches above the top of our heads. This is where we experience a union with all of creation and its Creator. When this energy center is clogged we find ourselves caught between Spirit and matter, feeling dissociated and disconnected from all. This chakra corresponds to the soul. Etched in its walls are the imprints of trauma that we bring with us from one lifetime to another, and these helped select the parents we are born through. These imprints predispose us to living, learning, aging, and dying in particular ways. When it is clear we forgive our pasts and transcend through to Spirit.

Color vibration - gold like a radiant sun

Resource: The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers by Alberto Villoldo

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