Vibrational Healing Therapy Card



The vibration healing therapy card gives you the following benefits:

- Made with quantum technology
- Tool for focus to manifest dreams & goals
- Assists with clarity of perception
- Normalization of bodily systems
- Strengthens immune system
- Eliminates loss of energy
- Restores energy, fatigue dissipates
- Also great for athletes
- Helps with insomnia, better sleeping, vivid dreams
- Increases luminosity & light
- Body harmonizing & protection of the energy fields
- Increases adaptive capabilities
- Unblocks channels in the body
- Increases overall health
- Increase self-confidence & inner power
- Positively affects all aspects of life
- Create the future
- Raises quality of life
- Better family, relationship, business communication (reduces conflict)
- Reduces pain & strains in the body
- Helps to recover from sickness more quickly
- Water purification
- Helps to reverse the effects of electromagnetic radiation (computers, cell phones, TV, etc.)

How to use a quantum therapy card?

- You wear the card in your pocket as the card has a specific vibration. The Galactic Alchemy Girl logo should be facing outwards from your skin and sacred geometry image facing your skin. Wear the card for at least 45 minutes. It re-calibrates your fields like after a deep meditation.

Copyright on image only, not on the card.

Quantum therapy cards do not substitute for medical treatment prescribed by a doctor.

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