I think that Golden Christ Star Activation was the best one I have done yet! I was basically electrified and could actually see when one wave was ending and another one was starting with my eyes closed. I had a burst of energy the whole time through and crashed right away after it was done
(I was exhausted lol).


That was a very powerful session for JSeals & implant removal. I had been aware before of some kind of seal or force that was getting in the way of things but hadn't heard of the J Seals until yesterday! That was amazing - The first thing I felt was my crown being squeezed and something being slowly pulled off against resistance, lots of colors especially violets and pinks, then different things came up including a pain in the left side of my neck which came up again towards the end of the session accompanied by an emotional release, but before that strong vibrations and energy moving, gushing up from beneath, feelings of being unshackled and of expansion and love. At one point, I was floating in a beautiful sea of oneness and bliss.. ❤ I would love to do more activations with you!


Wow, that Jseals and implant removal session was incredible!!!!! It all started down at my feet and worked its way up to my head (my head had felt like it used to back in my scuba diving days when I got down past 25 feet lol). After the session I had sat in bed with my salt lamp glowing in the room for a while because it had been years since my thought process had been that clear, but I couldn't find a way to describe what I was thinking at that time. I stayed awake for another six hours because I was really energized, but tired and relieved that noticeable changes were already taking place. I had always believed karmic debt was a punishment of some sort that I needed to go through in order to progress spiritually so naturally my life was riddled with self-limiting thoughts and chaos (even when I knew I was on the right track, I was expecting it to fail at some point lol). I feel like I regained my sovereignty in life again and it is came at point where it was needed the most so I cannot thank you enough for your help in this area and being a light worker. I had searched the internet for months for this kind of change and I am glad I was guided to your website for my ascension needs 🙂 I really look forward to receiving  future activations and empowerments!!! Namaste, Jason


Hi Meredith! Well, not even sure where to start on the Jseals/Implant removal session we had. This is certainly a unique experience, that I can't quite put into words, and I've been doing energy work for about 8 months now. I feel so centered and undistracted. Definitely unlike any clearing session I've head, and I literally feel different. Obviously something was going on at the base of my spine, as it is now pretty much gone, and seems like my left knee feels better as well. Will definitely focus on doing some intentions to further integrate this new...well, newness into my systems and centers. I am certainly happy I decided to do this, despite my fears. I felt a ALOT of activity happening around my head, and my left side of my neck was quite heated at times...very, very warm.

After the Jseals & Unnatural Implants removal session...So far, these past few days after the session have really been blissful. I have been able to locate blockages in my energy system, and clear them. I have been in a state of peace, really, with some frustration and discomfort with life at times, but quickly able to realize how impermanent these states are. I literally feel like I am an embodiment of light, something I saw 8 months ago when I delved into this journey. I also feel, though, an expansion of my energy fields and a 'purity' about them, and people seem to notice as well. But rather than clutter with a bunch of relationships, connections, idle chatter, I am deepening my awareness and forwarding my journey inward. What a beautiful inward state we all seem to have!

Cheers, Brian