What a great Mother Mary Matrix 144 strand DNA activation ....was very relaxing & calming ...felt the energy tingling in me ... feels great to be on the right path .. receiving & allowing light & love!! Thank You so much!!


Karen from USA,

I had my first ever Mother Mary Matrix 144 strand DNA activation this year. And, what an experience it was! I was lying in bed while the healing was being sent. I felt a calm and loving presence around me and the air conditioner began to have a severe electrical fluctuations. A few minutes later, I realized that my whole house was having an electrical fluctuation! I was a bit wary and scared about the fluctuation in the beginning, the power was restored to normal a while after the healing session got over. It's been about a week now, and my inner voice is much more clear and helps to me listen to my intuition better. I have even more stronger urges to break free from the clutches of this so called society. The confidence inside me to break free from wage slavery is much higher than ever! I'm no expert in spiritual talk, but I believe that love can truly heal our planet. And so that led to attend this session. I'm sure there's something new that everyone gets to discover, putting them on a new path ahead. Thank you!!

Arun from India,

Just had my J seals & implant removal. Excellently communicated and transmitted energy. Felt the energetic connection, had lots of tingling, and temperature changes in my body. It went great for me! Places got tingly, energy was moving around, places were getting hot. Afterwards I was tired, which is a sign energetic things are happening within my aura. I got tired after all my reiki attunements so I know how my body works energetically. So anyone who is guided to check it out I recommend it.

James from Michigan, USA,

I am manifesting at a fast rate now. What I want to manifest happens. I just set my goal, I keep focusing on it, I use my vibration card and I am in the flow to receive. I have tapped into my creativity and it is awesome! It has helped with my abundance too. I also use it when playing soccer or while jogging and it gives me the boost I need. What a blessing. I have also signed up for the affiliate program. I know by experience how it works and I wish to help others. Thank you!!

Frank from Germany,