Avatar Ascension DNA Activation




The Avatar Ascension DNA Activation will assist you in co-creating the new earth in a number of ways. This DNA activation will create more profound shifts in your daily life as it is designed to accelerate your frequency resonance, expand your consciousness and awareness. It will help you to embody more light and re-structure your entire light body, while preparing it for the ability to handle more light codes and energetic system upgrades. This is the most important time in our history as the process of biological ascension is accelerated due to the new earth frequency and being in the photon light band.


- Offers a higher dimensional DNA activation
- Accelerates the ascension process while supporting you
- Transforms you into a new & upgraded human DNA blueprint
- Brings success & opens you up to more abundance & prosperity
- Higher Self Alignment: allows you to embody more of the Higher Self and hold those frequencies in the physical
- Helps you with your galactic connections
- Assists you in stepping into your spiritual authority & sovereignty
- Unlocks dormant DNA & ancient cellular memory
- Increases intuition & psychic abilities
- Helps you to awaken
- Expands creativity
- Remove blockages & obstacles
- Recharges body organs & system
- Balances your auric field
- Helps you step into your authenticity
- Helps the body’s natural protection
- Heart chakra opening & expansion
- Increases your potential & focus
- Increases the ability to absorb more light quotient
- Opens up new doors & opportunities
- Helps you to align to your goals
- Awakens you to your earth mission
- Helps you overcome insecurities & fears
- Enhances your life purpose
- Assists in balancing love with power & strength
- Supports your self-realization process

DNA Activations and energy healing help restore your DNA strands original blueprint, highest frequency holding potential and expand your consciousness.
The DNA Activation will allow you to re-wire your energy conduits for expansive light accretion into your morphogenetic field so you can start having access and embodying your Soul Identity. Not only will you be able to embody more of your Higher Self, experience higher states of consciousness, you can start to live a life in ever deepening peace, genuine love and joy that is within you. Also your world outside as a reflection of what is inside will gradually change and your life may become more simple, relationships will be deeper and meaningful and your work may change to something that your soul is passionate about.

Certificate issued if needed.
I personally work on you for 1 hour as a DNA facilitator, via long distance.

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