Golden DNA Activation




Activating the DNA templates of the Absolute Harmonic Realms

From the AH realms and for the love of man, here and now the Sacred Map, templates or higher codes have descended as living entities that will assist those who have chosen themselves to ascend in love, consciousness and higher energy frequency accretion for ascension and for the restoration and the creation of a new civilization of light charged with the golden frequencies of creation. ~The Book of Origins, I. Delaflor

The Golden DNA Activations are distant healing sessions which consist of activating DNA from its current blueprint, back to the original sacred God Gold print, using specific Golden DNA Activation codes that enable this to occur and have imbued within them the templates of Source/God, which are untouched by any interferences, distortions, or mis-deeds of people. In these sessions the intent is to activate the 144,000 Golden DNA Strands from the Universe of Absolute Harmonic Realms (the higher universal self of our universe) so that people can start embodying the frequencies of the Absolute Harmonic Realms here on Earth. These golden strands are found within the 12 strand DNA Template.

These activations are intended to assist in embodying person's Higher Self, to attain self-mastery, in finding person's OWN life purpose, in re-membrance of WHO YOU ARE and in assisting the ascension process.

There are already 144,000 beings that have chosen in their soul contracts to activate the Golden DNA and when this happens we will create a bridge for our entire multidimensional universe to merge with the Absolute Harmonic Realms thus assisting in Earth's ascension to the Golden Liquid Realms.

I am grateful to facilitate the Golden DNA Activation for committed individuals who are ready and who desire to be the frequency holders for the ascension of Earth and humanity. These activations consist of three sessions where one activation per week takes place.

Before choosing the Golden DNA Activation, it is highly recommended to have the J-Seals and unnatural implant removal and the 12 Strand DNA Activation.

Certificate issued.

3 sessions included in one session.

Session time: 1 hour

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