Scalar Energy Activation




Scalar Energy Activation

Scalar energy is that energy found in the quantum wave. It’s involved in the creation of all the parts of the human cell atom. To heal you, it transforms the ‘‘infested energy’’ causing the infection agent to basically raze, ending the physical impact on the body. Scalar energy restores the cell energy to its plain purest state, deprived of the invading germ.

Scalar energy eradicates consequences of man-made frequencies in the body. It ideally increases the energy level of every single cell to between 70 and 90 millivolt. It raises the covalent energy level of each single hydrogen atom in the body. It facilitates the intake of nutrients into each cell, as it improves cell wall permeability. Overall, it increases the body’s energy level.

So what and how to use scalar energy healing to our advantage?

Scalar energy fights cancerous cells by raising their cells energy to that of normal healthy cells (70-90 millivolts).

Next, is our immune system. For sure you must be aware your body somehow protects you against infections. Scalar energy strengthens the immune system; scalar energy enables blood cells to unbundle, promoting blood circulation and oxygen distribution. With this, the body is more alert and always prepared for a fight.

Lastly comes the brain. Ever wondered why you think better when your head is literally cooler or fresh? Have you ever thought of what happens to you when under stress, severe headache or weary? Negative ions are involved. Negative ions have been revealed to increase oxygen flow to the brain. This results in higher alertness, reduced inertia, and more mental energy. What enhances negative ions in our body? Scalar energy.

Certificate issued if needed.
I personally work on you for 30 minutes as a healing facilitator, via long distance.

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